What is Jailbreaking and Is Jailbreaking Legal ?

If you’re a regular reader of Souvik Blog, you have most certainly come across dozens of our articles about interesting jailbreak tweaks in iOS. While most of our readers have liked our jailbreak coverage, I acknowledge that we may have missed out one important thing in the past: nailing the jailbreaking basics. If you’re new to the jailbreak world, it can be quite a daunting place. There’s no denying that there are a number of malicious jailbreak tweaks out in the wild. Also, there seems to be a lot of fuss surrounding the legality status of jailbreaking. So, today I’ll tell you how what is jailbreaking and is jailbreaking legalin a beginner friendly way:

What is Jailbreaking? I like to quote Wikipedia a lot, so here’s what it has to say about jailbreak: Jailbreak: (Noun) An escape from jail. You’re probably pondering what does it even remotely have to do with the iPhone. To answer this question, we need to understand Apple’s “walled-garden” philosophy. A “walled-garden” is a closed p…

10 Cool Android Mods You Should Definitely Use

We all know Android is a platform, which you can personalize endlessly but what if you want to improve the way your Android device works. Well, this is where some cool Android mods come in handy. First, let me clear the air on what Android mods actually are. Well, Android Mods are anything that enhance your Android smartphone’s working. They can be simple apps that bring a change to the UI or an app that boosts a device’s performance or battery. Now that I have cleared that out, here are 10 cool Android mods that you should definitely try:

1. Hide Display From Prying Eyes Nobody likes it when someone peeps at your phone while you are looking at your private photos or sending private messages. Well, I might just have the perfect solution for you. The Screen Guard – Privacy Screen app (Free, with in-app purchase of $1.99 to remove ads) lets you add different types of filters to your phone’s display, which make sure that only you are able to view the display properly. Yeah, you can thank…

How to Recover Deleted files in Windows and Linux for Free

Deleted your files and photos by accident? then let me show you how to recover them for free. Sometimes you accidentally delete files by pressing Shift+ Delete on the keyboard. You start panicking and try to press undo buttons like Ctrl + Z on the keyword for them to come back from the thin air, but they don’t. You can either sit and regret about it or follow this post to recover them quickly as possible.First thing firstDo not place any file at the location/folder from where you want to recover your deleted files. If you do that, the chances of recovering the files/photos become pretty low. Unlike it’s predecessor FAT32, NTFS format which we use in the partitions these days, use the immediate free blocks to fill with the incoming data for storage. As a result, blocks where the old deleted files existed are overwritten, erasing traces of files and can only be recovered in special data recovery labs which is an expensive method to pursue.
Recover Deleted files and photos in WindowsThere…

How to Hide Desktop icons in Windows, Mac when not in use

A lot of icons, folders and files might be lying on your desktop. All very important and might be needed for references to your work or anything. Therefore you cannot move delete/move them but want to enjoy the beauty of your wallpapers as well. How about if you could hide desktop icons when not in use and get them back with a click, keyboard shortcut or simple a mouse hover on the desktop? Learn to make make your desktop icons disappear when not in use. How to Hide desktop icons in Windows when not in useDownload and run this softwareDo the settings are per your requirement. Set the timer delay after which it will hide the icons, it can be set between 2 seconds to 100 seconds.Make sure you check Start with Windows option otherwise you will have to manually start it every-time you want to hide desktop icons.
If you glance at the right side of the software window, you will see click buttons configuration. You can set which mouse buttons will make your icons appears after a click. It can…

New iOS features

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Apple has silenced the growing critics over it’s static design and discontent over it’s operating system which didn’t change much since 2007 by revealing IOS 7 at the WWDC 2013  which was held in San Francisco yesterday. From color Schemes and typography to typical icons and entire button shape across the entire platform has been alternated. In simpler words, the whole thing- from Photo app to Safari browser. Let’s have a look at some of the features of the new IOS 7 :- 1. Kids App Section – Apple has now introduced a kid section for finding appropriate apps for children. Kid’s App Section in Apple Store – click to Enlarge! 2. Inclinometer –   The former versions of iOS had software support for gyroscope and accelerometer, but now it’s pretty much certain that iOS7 will escort with the latest in 3D space-tracing technology in their latest operating system with an inclinometer. 3. Just Swipe to Go Back  – When browsing through some app or Safari and you need to …

How to Store 3 Times More Music on Your Smartphone?

Storage is getting cheaper day by day but it is still limited in smart phones. This is especially true for low end phones with low internal memory. Most of the music we store on our phones is in MP3 format. This music encoding format was first released to public in 1995. Since then we have come a long way and many new codecs have been developed that provide superior quality to MP3 at same size or same quality in smaller file size. The most notable is AAC (AAC-LC).
AAC stands for Advanced Audio Coding. This format has been popularized by Apple’s Ipod (having .m4a or .m4b extension). This format is also used by Nokia Music service resulting in faster downloads. It achieves much better quality than MP3 at similar bit rates. The format we will use is enhanced version of AAC called eAAC+ or HE-AAC v2. About the eAAC+ This audio compression scheme is optimized for very low bit rates. It is enhances the existing AAC-LC (Low Complexity). The eAAC+ uses to techniques for optimization – Spectr…